Two Ways to Hear, One Great Way to Improve!

There are two ways we process sound, a critical part of brain function that influences many aspects of our lives.

Air conduction canal 
Sound starts its journey when captured by the outer ears, travelling in air through several structures within the ear. It then reaches the brain where it is decoded and sent to other areas of the nervous system to be used in many, many critical life functions.

Bone conduction canal
 There is another fascinating way the body processes sound. Sound waves are also transmitted through the bones in our heads!

 When our bones vibrate, sound is sent directly to the cochlea vestibule nerve in the inner ear. This sound transmission directly through our bones is similar to traveling through the eardrum and middle ear. This vibration creates nerve impulses, which are then sent to the brain. This is called bone conduction!

In Forbrain® the amplified bone conduction and natural air conduction work with an individual’s voice to process information more clearly and thus understand communications better.

The Auditory feedback loop
 is the natural process by which every individual perceives, analyzes, assimilates and continuously adjusts the information individually received and produced through sound.

To function properly, this audio-vocal loop draws on the abilities of auditory discrimination, phonological awareness and integration of rhythm that each person activates effortlessly. These skills are natural to human function and go far beyond speech. They are necessary in all learning processes.

As a result of these processes and the technology that develops them, Forbrain® can improve not just speech and language but many aspects of communication and learning. This simple technology can have a profound effect by changing the brain through strengthening the audiological loop, the auditory system and many associated brain functions.

Communication, Communication, Communication…
Your voice and how you speak are a critical part of who you are and how you are perceived. It’s not just what you say but the tone, rhythm and overall sound of your speech that help to define your identity. How you speak is one of the most important things that others will remember about you.

Hearing words and speaking them are intimately linked. The development of verbal skills and the production of language are both dependent on effective sound processing. Broca’s area of the brain, which is heavily involved in language production, receives auditory input, In short, hearing sounds and speaking are inseparably connected. “Phonological awareness” is the ability to consciously play with foundational sounds of your own language in order to form articulated words. Bone conduction is an essential part of this phonological awareness and that’s one of the reasons why Forbrain® can be so helpful in improving speech and language.

Open Your Ears to Improve Your Speech
By aiding auditory processing, and using bone conduction Forbrain® can improve the production of sounds, and the fluency and rhythm of your speech. This can be helpful to anyone and of course, can be incredibly helpful for those with specific speech and language problems.

Open Your Ears to Improve Your Reading
Learning to read involves translating shapes of letters into the sounds they make when spoken aloud. Sound processing and phonological awareness are, therefore, both essential to reading. 
Bone conduction plays a key role in the emerging system of the phonological loop, which is responsible for the circulation of stored verbal information.

Open Your Ears to Improve Your Writing
With improved auditory processing, the ability to comprehend words is increased. A renewed ease in reading stimulates your brain and motivates you to read more. Speaking and reading aloud with the Forbrain® microphone strengthens those areas of the brain that underpin language and reading, resulting in better processing and enhanced writing skills.

Open Your Ears to Improve Speech, Language and Reading Difficulties
Many people suffer from speech difficulties and comprehension of both the written and spoken word. Such problems can be devastating not just to learning and educational development but also to self-esteem. Forbrain® introduces a new way to reverse these problems and open up a whole new way of life.

According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s 2008 report, there were more than six million children between the ages of 3 and 21 in American public schools with communications disorders.

The same report suggested that about 5% of young children suffered from a fluency disorder — stuttering. “Specific Language Impairment is one of the most common disorders and affects about 7% of children,” said the report.

The same report also addressed phonological disorders. A phonological disorder is an impaired comprehension of the sound system of a language. “For 80% of children with phonological disorders, the disorders are sufficiently severe to require clinical treatment. There is an observed relationship between early phonological disorders and subsequent reading, writing, spelling, and mathematical abilities.”

Using Forbrain® just few minutes a day can make a difference. This easy-to-use technology simply requires speaking, reading or even singing out loud, so that the user’s voice can be heard through bone conduction rather than air conduction through the ears.